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The wines

Under the brand of Poggio Santo we produce a true Chianti Classico on our certified chianti classico vineyard. Under the brand of Spada d'Oro, a name that the first generation of family ownership invented, a Merlot denominated IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) is created. The production and bottling are performed by Tuscania. Cantina Tuscania in Sambuca (FI) is a certified organic winery that produces excellent Chianti Classico and Toscana IGT.


The Poggio Santo, our Chianti Classico, strong, minimum 80% Sangiovese depending on the quality of our grapes, is kept at least 12 months in barrels and in bottles before we put it to the market. It has a bright ruby red color. The nose is embellished with spicy suggestions of tomatoes giving it a sweet finish.


100% San Giovese, fermentation in stainless steel and a further 8 months in stainless steel, production of 1'200 bottles a 0,75 litres, 13.5% alcohol.


The Spada d'Oro, our Merlot, elegant and complex, up to 100% Merlot, is kept at least 8 months in oak barriques before we bottle it and put it to the market. The Spada d'Oro has a great character and can be combined with the most delicate dishes.


100% Merlot, fermentation in stainless steel, 8 months in oak barriques, production of 1'200 bottles a 0,75 litres, 14.5% alcohol.

All our wines were tested by the renowned agency winescritic. The results were:

  • Poggio Santo 2020 - 89 points

  • Poggio Santo 2021 - 92 points

  • Spada d'Oro 2020 - 91 points

  • Spada d'Oro 2021 - 91 points


The olive oil

From our own olives only we produce an Olio Extra Vergine Prima Spremitura a Freddo. This highest quality product is produced solely with mechanical procedures. The pressing is done by the oil mill Giannotti. Giannotti uses a very traditional approach to produce olive oil. To maintain maximum quality our oil is filtered before it is bottled directly at the farm.


The entire process is completely overseen by us and uses only traditional methods.


The grappa

We are developing constantly our product range and currently are exploring how we can use the pomace from our wines to produce another unique and high quality product.


Stay tuned to learn more as we are working on this latest idea.

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